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XBMC linux doesn't update as much as my windows version
Hi everybody,

I have a question. I have my XBMC installed both on my linux (ubuntu) mediapc and on my windows laptop. I use to run it only on my mediapc and everything is running just fine. I don't have any real bugs or anything. But when I installed XBMC on my windows laptop I noticed that the plugins get much more often updated. Almost everytime when I start XBMC there are updates for some plugins. I tried to mirror my settings from my linux machine so i'm running the same plugins and the same skin etc. but I never see that a plugin needs to be updated on my XBMC machine.

Is there anything I can do to see that everything is running fine and up to date? And is there something I need to correct to get all the updates?

Thanks for the help! Smile
When you go into Settings -> Add-ons it should list available updates. Also, when on that screen if you press left-arrow and bring up the sidebar options, you can toggle auto-updates or not, which could also be different between the two setups.

XBMC linux doesn't update as much as my windows version00