XBMC and 3D

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Fiasco Offline
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Finally got a 3D television (LG 60PZ950) and glasses.

I am running the latest public eden release and am trying to run Transformers Dark of the Moon 3D.

Can I do 3D with the Nvidie 9400m GPU on my HTPC's motherboard? Will anydvd rip a 3D bluray and maintain the 3D?

Lastly will XBMC play it in 3D?

I ripped the movie with anydvd but no 3D image played via XBMC Sad
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Clumsy Offline
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You would probably need to create a side-by-side rip, i.e. both pictures crammed into one 1080p file that your TV will then decode. Not sure if anydvd supports that or not though,

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Big_Ben Offline
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for RealD (Bluray 3D) you need an external player like TMT5 or powerdvd. It does work perfectly with those players
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DesertRain Offline
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Any update on this? Any plans for XBMC to play 3d natively anytime soon?
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