XBMC Remote - My Dissertation
Hey everyone,

I've been using XBMC for more a couple of years now and I've made an XBMC remote application for my Major Project for my degree.

It's a novel approach that uses Rhodes (http://www.rhomobile.com/products/rhodes/) to create the application natively on either iOS, Android, etc.

My application is written in Ruby, HTML and JS. But has some cool features such as:
- Can put movies into a watch later list
- Can scan movie barcodes and either finds it added in the database or adds it to a buy later list

It uses the JSON RPC API to communicate with the XBMC server.

Since I've finished my dissertation I've opened up the source code. It can be found here: https://github.com/richrace/RemoteApp.

If anyone wants to add to it or fix anything you're more than welcome to.

Here are some videos of the application running:

XBMC Configuration - http://youtu.be/Yyq8-zb970k

Movies - http://youtu.be/e4SHxpyC2WE

TV Shows and Playlist - http://youtu.be/BzrEYOL3uWc

Barcode - http://youtu.be/UvWPEuktF3U

Android - http://youtu.be/3l7wDbawcGY

This looks promising and I would love to try it out on my Android tablet.

Can I download it from Google market? I wouldn't know how to compile the source code.

Any plans to support music as well?
Hey, currently it's still a bit buggy and needs more work before I consider putting it on the Android market.

it's still in development and needs some work to be better with tablet screens. And yes I do plan to add support for Music but I won't be doing that for a bit as I have exams comming up.

However, I've uploaded the APK to the github repo so you can download it and install it yourself - https://github.com/richrace/RemoteApp/tr...ndroid-APK

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