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season-poster/banner.fanart issue
Hi guys,

I'm getting nuts with trying to have that so wonderful skin just like I want it.
My TVShow structure is classic with one folder for each show regrouped in a big folder name "Series" (on a local hard drive of my PC).
I'm running XBMC-Eden and tryied both version of Aeon Nox (2.0 and 3.0 WIP).

I choose the 'lanscape' view (with logos for the icon layout) in the selecting series screen, and low-lists in the lowers view.

As you can see for the 2 shows I selected for my tests : I have, in each show-folder the following structure

TV-Show folder
- Season XX folder
- TVShow - s01e01 - episodename.avi
- TVShow - s01e01 - episodename.nfo
- TVShow - s01e01 - episodename.tbn
- .....
- banner.jpg
- clearart.png
- fanart.jpg
- lanscape.jpg
- logo.png
- poster.jpg
- seasonxx-banner.jpg
- seasonxx-fanart.jpg
- seasonxx-lanscape.jpg (when available)
- seasonxx-poster.jpg

So it's like this on my PC :


On XBMC, with Aeon Nox (3.0 for the next screenshots but it's the same with 2.0), I can't have season posters displayed.

For Game of Thrones, the season fanart is displayed correctly but it is not the case for the season poster that is empty and the displayed banner is the banner.jpg file and not the season1-banner.jpg as supposed (but maybe I have to choose between banner and poster, and then I prefer poster).




As for Californication, still no posters and moreover the season fanart aren't displayed (the extra-fanarts works fine however).




I've seen in another thread that to allow season fanart it is necessary to allow it in the "media menu".
Sorry for being stupid but what is exactly this menu ?
Does this correspond to the viewtypes settings like here :


Thank you very much for your help.
I'm pretty sure I've missed something obvious but can't find out what.
In the cases where the thumb is empty you are browsing the tvshows through videos-->files--><name of tvshows folder>. There the poster.jpg can not be loaded, only in videos-->tv shows-->title, or the tvshows shortcut on the main menu.
Thanks for the reply BN.
Sorry but I did not understand it well (I'm not a native english speaker).
When the thumb is emply I'm using the library mode, i.e I'm browsing the show directly from the main menu (tv show shortcut).

Is XBMC - or the skin - is supposed to generate seasonXX.tbn files from seasonxx-poster.jpg ?
Because if I rename my seasonxx-poster.jpg in seasonXX.tbn it works as it supposed to be.

As I have plenty of seasons and shows, I'm wondering why it is not working using seasonxx-poster.jpg.
But maybe it is just not possible.

Thanks for your help and congratulations on this skin that is - from far - my favourite !
Ah sorry, misread your screenshots.
Afaik only seasonXX.tbn is natively supported by XBMC. On my system it is only recognized by rescanning my items to the library. The skin itself does not load external images on season level, it only shows the default icon.
OK, so if I understand well seasonXX-poster.jpg, seasonXX-banner.jpg or seasonXX-landscape.jpg are not usable natively by the skin but have to be rennamed as .tbn.
Am I right ?

Maybe, it could be nice to have to possibility to use - at season level - whether a banner, a poster or a landscape as thumb (depending on the view) and allow the skin to check for seasonXX-poster.jpg, seasonXX-banner.jpg or seasonXX-landscape.jpg to build the corresponding thumnail when there are no .tbn.

I don't know if it is skin related or not.

Maybe for further evolutions.

One last question : what is excactly the "media menu" you were refering to in this post :
As I'm using XBMC in French, I've never found a manu nammed like this.


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