Disable Movie Sets On A Case By Case Basis

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fasteddy Offline
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The addition of set scraping from the themoviedb.org in Eden has been great. It really saves a lot of time and hassle in putting together sets. However, there are occasions when the sets from themoviedb just don't work for me. For example, the Disney collection is just too broad - I have a playlist to display kids movies, and half of them are in that collection. I understand that I can define my own sets using nfo files, but that circumvents the gains made by adding sets to themoviedb in the first place. What I'd love is an easy way to disable individual collections from showing as sets. Is this possible?
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jmarshall Offline
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This could possibly be done in smartplaylists/filters by specifying a "allowgrouping" clause, but the main problem is that group by sets is a global option and also is very specific (it doesn't apply to anything other than sets). This makes sense as there probably isn't any other category that's worth grouping on (eg it doesn't make sense to group by genre as all movies have a genre).

I'd propose a tag in the filters/folders, given that the library is now fully configurable via XML. Would this override the GUI setting? Should the GUI setting then be removed? I don't know.


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I'd love see an integrated way to actually add/remove movies from sets from XBMC. I know there is an add-on for that but it's only in passion-repo and it tends to freeze XBMC in certain cases.

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wellspokenman Offline
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my gripe is being unable to disable movie sets in a smart playlist with a simple flag. At the moment both the set and its contents are displayed.
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