BBC iPlayer HD stream corruption

I'm getting green artefacting when trying to play HD iPlayer streams using the iplayer addon. Logs are here: . This is on a Revo R3610 Ubuntu 12 XBMC 11 Git compiled Apr 24 2012.

Any ideas? This thread suggests it's fixed but I'm not having any luck.

dabeeeenster: i have seen this corruption before with VDPAU acceleration on an ION chipsets. It doesn't happen with Eden for me though. Does disabling hardware acceleration fix it?

In Eden it seems to switch to non-accellerated if VDPAU can't decode it correctly. This can be a problem for slightly mis-sized 1080p videos I stream that have some black border pixels cropped before encoding. It ends up being a width or height that isn't a multiple of 8 or 16. i forget which. VDPAU doesn't handled these properly.. Mine can't handle anything over 720p non-accelerated on my dual core atom.
Curious. If I disable hardware acceleration I dont get the artefacting. I wonder how they fixed it in the other thread? Is it a newer/patched build of XBMC?
I downloaded a couple of HD programs using the get_iPlayer script and tried playing them back with acceleration enabled, and the artefacting is still there, it's definitely the type of file, rather than the streaming aspect that is causing the artefacting.

Other than disabling hardware acceleration is there anything I can do to try and fix this?
Try upgrading your video card drivers.
Curiously I removed XBMC and installed through a different PPA and this problem has gone away, so it must have made it into the codebase somewhere...
I have the same problem. What PPA did you use to solve it?
I think this one but not 100% sure
That seems to have done the trick.

Many thanks!
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