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The title is a little simplistic. I've been using XBMC for several months now and have had a great experience. However, I've never been able to get the PVR stuff to work, despite searching like crazy for a solution. I'm running on Windows 7 with an HDHomerun for OTA signals. I've tried MediaPortal as my backend and FTR, but I've never been able to get the EPG to work which is where I think it is all breaking down. Can someone help me get the EPG to work? I'm just not sure where to go. I'm open to any backend that people have had success with. I'm in the US, btw.

Thanks in advance.
I think your biggest issue is going to be the maturity of the PVR side of XBMC. The different PVR addons are at different levels of completion, and progressing at their own pace. All of them (i think) are not officially released - i.e. use at your own risk.

I have it working using Openelec PVR, TVHeadend and HDhomeruns (DVBT OTA in Australia). I understand that OpenElec comes with TVHeadend, but I dont use it there, as I have TVHeadend installed on my NAS. It is quite stable for me in this configuration (ASRock ION 330, QNAP 419P+ NAS).

I think you might need to provide some setup specifics (PC, OS preference etc) to get some more specific help.

The difference between US and Australian broadcasting means that I'd only be able to provide general guidance on how to use HDhomeruns and TVHeadend works with HDhomeruns (dvbhdhomerun). Any my recent experience with TVHeadend, HDHomeruns and dvbhdhomerun is centered around a NAS, rather than a PC next to a TV.

Let me know if I can help.

Cheers Nathan
For TV guide in US and Canada you can use mc2xml (media center TV Listings to XMLTV.xml) (Free) or Schedule Direct (Small fee).

In media portal you can use Power Scheduler (TVServer built in plugin) to schedule the download of the guide data using a simple batch file.
Thanks for the replies. I'll look for info on mc2xml. Is it pretty straightforward to use?
(2012-05-02, 16:26)TheCasa Wrote: Thanks for the replies. I'll look for info on mc2xml. Is it pretty straightforward to use?

I am using FTR with the HDHomeRun.

Pretty simple.

mc2xml -c us -g [your zip code]

You have to manually copy the output from mc2xml to some directory under 4therecord. See the specifics in the pdf:

Hope that helps.
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