Can someone explain to me Fanart? How to get.
Fairly new to XBMC.

My library consists of TV Shows and Movies. All media is showing up as expected. The movies I separate into directories such as Classic, Sci-Fi, etc. In each directory my movies are named correctly and each movie has an associated NFO and TBN (example: Ton (1982).mkv, Tron (1982).nfo, Tron (1982).tbn). How do I scrape Fanart to get like Tron (1982)-fanart.jpg for each of the movies in my library?

As near as I can tell themoviedb setting are set as they should be to get Fanart but when I run update or remove and re-add sources I get nothing.
if you want the .jpg stored in you movie directory, you need to either

1/ Use an external metadata scraper like EMM or Media Companion
2/ Export your library from XBMC as individual files, (see the wiki for more info on Import Export Library)

You need to do this because when XBMC scrapes the metadata, it stores the images in a separate directory structure. see the wiki page on thumbnails
DecK, when you talk about or...export the library, the fanart has to be there to begin with to export it from the library to the separate directory structure right? So, basically, XBMC is not able to do the scraping for fanart. I should use EMM or Media Companion. Now, my entire library was built using EMM. Several hundred movies. I have the NFO and TBN's. All succesful. I never did fanart because with the Boxee Box it's not used. Till now. I tried EMM a few night ago to scrape for fanart with no success so I must be doing something wrong.

Plex works absolutely great with fanart. Somehow it pick up everything fanart wise. The thing about Plex is it's really weak with TV Shows and cover errors and forget about home movies or home TV shows. It's all blank meta because Plex doesn't use local meta. Plex is not an option. XBMC present everything because I have meta support for all files via NFO, TBN, folder.jpg, etc.

I will try media companion.
Try Artwork Downloader add-on.

Turn all off except what you want and it will start downloading
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Artwork Downloader gave me some unexpected results. Between Media Companion and EMM (I figured out how to use) I spent the last couple a days downloading fanart. Success!!

I would say 20-25% of my media there was no fanart from thetvsb and thenoviedb. Is there a way to create fanart from screen captures?
(2012-05-04, 08:33)eug7 Wrote: Is there a way to create fanart from screen captures?

Generally the worse type of fanart (in my opinion they should be classed as thumbs) so what I do is use and make my own, which I then upload to to themoviedb or thetvdb.
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Can someone explain to me Fanart? How to get.00