Plugin to add TV Network Icon overlay to screen?
Hello, I'm not sure if this has been done before. I did search around briefly but maybe I am using the wrong sort of words. Anyways, I was wondering if it was possible or already existed to have the icon of a televsion network in the corner for when your tv shows are playing. I would want the Fox Kids Logo to be their mainly.
Haven't heard of one, but I got to ask - why?
It's mostly for an awkward nostalgic need tbh. Haha, It would be going on a tv that isn't a plasma and streaming shows to said mediacenter from that channel. I have anything they aired up until 2002, So, It would be mildly practical.
Perhaps a custom skin with the OSD modded to only show a given logo?

Thought about images in subtitles, but doesn't seem to be viable.

Nothing easy, if even possible in the first place.

This is possible with pseudo should show the logo of your playlist...
In that way, you can have a playlist for each channel
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