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Hi All
Is there a way to force a reload of the add-ons database without requiring a restart/reboot?

Do you mean refreshing the repositories? If so, that's in the context menu on the repo.
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and the same on 'enabled add-ons' for locals.
Sorry guys, that question was vague at best, and that’s doing vague a disservice.

Here’s a more detailed version.
I’m trying to keep two XBMC machines in sync and as part of that I am copying
• the /addons directory
• the /userdata/addons_data directory
• the /userdata/Database/Addons15.db
from XBMC1 to XBMC2.

After I have copied these there, the question is
Do I need to reboot/restart XBMC2 in order for the copied add-ons to be available, or running in the background for service add-ons?
Or is there some other way to have XBMC2 handle this change in the files?

I hope that that is a little clearer.

it won't see them before a refresh is done. you can submit the built-in command UpdateLocalAddons to do the equivalent of the context menu item from a script.
Thank you, ya grumpy bastard!

That is exactly what I was looking for.
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