Win HOW-TO import movie database to Excel, & list categories the way you choose

I've been trying to find out how to simply export a list of movies I have already watch. All I could find was this guide....

I didn't get very far with converting the file, so I simply tried to open videodb.xml within Excel and my results are as followed. I've written myself a guide and so thought I'd share it with you guys and hopefully it will help others. It may be common knowledge to the more experienced Excel users, but here it is anyway. I did try to post in 'Step-by'step guide' forum but I do not have permission.

1. Export XBMC database to single file.

2. Open videodb.xml in Excel. Now you will be given three options, select ‘Use the XML Source task pane’.

3. A new spreadsheet will now open, but you will also see an XML source panel to the right. Click on any of your chosen categories you would like to import and drag to a column of your choice.

4. For this example I have selected and dragged ‘title’ to A1, so now A1 has been populated with the category ‘title’. Now right click on A1 > XML > Import, select your videodb.xml and all your movie titles will be imported.

5. You can now pick and choose which categories to import.

You will find that each category populates in a new row rather than B1, C1 etc for the same movie. I’m not sure how to correct this so perhaps someone can advise, but for now I use a work around.

1. Simply highlight the column you would like to move up the spreadsheet so that the data starts from the top (ie B1, C1 etc), cut and paste and do this for each column until all the data for that one film is displayed on a single row.

2. Depending on how many categories you have chosen to import, you will now have a various number of blank rows. Highlight all data within A column, press F5 > Special > Blanks > OK. Right click on a row > Delete > table_rows, the blank rows will be deleted and now all your data for a particular movie will be present on a single row.

Thread moved. Nice guide! Feel free to add this to the XBMC Wiki (wiki) as well (just sign up for an account and click on the confirm e-mail. Feel free to PM me if you need any Wiki help.)
Nice guide. Ima gonna have to try it.
I found it a lot easier to import to MSAccess database. That way you will have a nice table with no blank rows. If you prefer you can export from MSAccess to MSExcel for easier manipulation.

1. Export all library into single file (I have to use Transparency skin in Frodo to export; I tried to find export library in the default Confluence skin, but can't find one)
2. Create a blank database (I use MSAccess from MSOffice 2013)
3. Menu: External Data/XML File, select the XML file created by XBMC, in the import option select "Structure and Data", click OK

Now you have several tables.
The only problem is if you have a very long "plot" field, it will be trancuated to 255 chars.
(2012-12-25, 02:50)kippax Wrote: The only problem is if you have a very long "plot" field, it will be trancuated to 255 chars.

Set the column for plot to Memo instead of Text.
Thank you so much! Worked perfectly Smile
Hello guys,
I found a new way to import movie on excel or to manage a movie collection. To do it, I would consider RowShare, a new online tool to create collaborative tables. RowShare will allows you to insert all the movies you have already seen or you would like to watch. By the way, each person can edit the list simultaneously, really cool! Just give it a try, it could be useful for you!
I feel I need to let you know that I am on the team that develops RowShare. I just wrote an article that gives you an idea of how it can help you to organize your movie and how to share your list:
I know it’s been a while since you asked the question. But since I just found this page, others will follow, so I try my luck.
Sweet bro this is spot on good to know i can start re arranging my movies to how i want them
nice guide step by step i will try it

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