PVR Specific Keymappings + "Straight to last channel" command
First of all, if this topic is going over old ground, please refer me to the right place... I have looked and possibly not found!!

My request is two fold : Firstly, is it possible for some to list the PVR / EPG specific XBMC commands, to help people trying to do custom keymappings Smile. There is quite a bit of info around, but it is not incorporated into the main Wiki, or dedicated forum!

Secondly, a more of a personal feature request! I have mapped the command ( which i cant remember from the top of my head!) for the EPG to my Harmony One remote Actions, so when my girlfriend pressed "Watch TV" is comes up no matter what is playing and allows a channel to be selected! However, for WAF would it be possible to have a command that takes you straight into the last selected channel in fullscreen?! I know there is an option for XBMC to start in this state, and surely this is done via script?! So is this script "keymap-able" or is there a command / command sequence which can achieve this effect!

My reasons for asking this are simply 1) WAF and 2) for a more streamlined PVR / TV exeperience, as in press a button and your watching your last channel instantly?

Thank you all in advance!


Have not get much attention lately though, I made this ticket 9 month ago.
Ah, cheers for that mate... I'll comment and see if I can stir some interest in it again! Like I said there's a script to run goto last live tv channel on start-up so hopefully it wouldn't be such a hard command to implement!
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PVR Specific Keymappings + "Straight to last channel" command00