Welo v1 Changelog


Change - French skin translation added.
Change - German skin translation added.


Change - Create additional skin language strings to improve translations.


Bug - Fix overlapping song title when music overlay is visible.
Bug - Code clean-up to sort some invalid include errors in XBMC log.
Bug - Fix overlaping text on DialogVideoInfo.xml.

Change - Create additional skin language strings to improve translations.


Bug - Fix overlapping text on Home screen lower sub title label.
Bug - Fix title length on list viewtypes.
Bug - Fix incorrect visibilty conditions for 'HD' flag on TV episode list.
Bug - Fix incorrect Track list height on DialogAlbumInfo.xml, and added onleft/onright code to allow selection of Track list.
Bug - Fix overlaping text on DialogYesNo.xml.
Bug - Added missing onup/ondown code for DialogButtonMenu.xml (press 's').
Bug - Added missing 'allowoverlay' code to MusicOSD.xml.
Bug - Fix for textures that are not displaying correctly after conversion with TexturePacker.
Bug - Fix location of buttons on DialogVideoInfo.xml.
Bug - Fix Movie wall / TV Show banner reflection appearing in wrong location.
Bug - Fix Video details section not appearing under certain conditions.

Change - Add support for Movie sets.
Change - Modify 'Movie', 'TV Show', and 'Episode' Details sections for correct behaviour with Movie sets.
Change - Add viewtypes 'Poster (Fixed), Landscape (fixed), and 'Cover (fixed).
Change - Modify scroll time on Movie wall and TV Show banner views.
Change - Remove ripped poster edges on alternate Recent/Random style.
Change - Add option on shutdown menus to Exit XBMC, and modified Home screen shutdown label.
Change - Remove 'Enable/Disable Plot Ouline' skin option until support is established.
Change - Texture tweaks.
Change - Redesign video 'Watched' icon and add video 'New' icon... (many thanks to Big_Noid and phil65 for the loan of the base textures! cheers!)



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