adding videos does not show networked computers

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I had XBMC running on my laptop and decided it was time to format and clean the laptop up. I installed xbmc went to set my libraries up and it doesn't see any of my other computers on my network. At first I thought permissions weren't set for my network but they are, I can view all my shared content on said laptop open media in windows media player through the network, but as soon as I try and look in Windows Network (SMB) there is nothing.

I am running XBMC Eden on 2 other computers all are using Windows 7 Ultimate and they are still fine.

It has to be a setting of some kind in XBMC, right. I have tried networking in a home group out of a home group nothing seems to work. But in all cases I can still view my network through Windows Explorer.

Also I can share off the laptop to my other computers running XBMC on the network
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