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Hi all,

I have been using XBMC for years but have suddenly come across and issue with HD content encoded with AAC 5.1 audio. I have all audio streams sent to my tv via HDMI and then sent to my Yamaha E800 DD/DTS receiver via optical. The problem I have is that my amp quickly switches between prologic and DD/AC3 on any quiet (not silent) sections on the AAC soundtrack therefore causing a stuttering effect.

Now usually I would post this on the Yamaha forum but this appears to only be happening on playback through XBMC (using 11.0 at the moment). Settings wise I have Audio Output set to optical / coax and am using the directsound AMD HDMI device driver and swapping to the WASAPI driver makes no difference. Even trying a discrete X-FI soundcard makes no changes.

Has anyone else had similar issues? (I have searched the forums and found nowt)

Ta very much
So are you sending audio to the TV and receiver both from the PC? Or from PC to TV then from TV to receiver? Have you tried the AE branch of XBMC? That is the advanced audio engine branch. That handles audio a lot different.
Read this before using these builds.
It runs from PC to TV to AV. To be honest I have now decided to remux all my mp4 with aac to mkv with ac3. Makes things simpler in the long run.

Thanks for the reply though...
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