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This may be covered elsewhere, but to honest I've gotten more computer illiterate the older I've gotten, and I can't actually understand most of the help pages.

I have 2 external hard drives with all my DVDs saved onto them, that are plugged into my modem, so they are available to my computer upstairs and my laptop downstairs, depending on where I am working. Although I can find them easily enough on the Macintosh HD, I can't work out how to get XBMC to recognise these. When I try adding a library, go to browse and click on Macintosh HD I can't find them. If anyone can help with some simple instructions for the technologically challenged, I'd be really grateful.
Surely they wouldn't be on the Macintosh HD (as that would be the hard drive inside your mac).

Do you know how the drives are shared? (samba/UPnP/NFS?)

If you can see them in the finder on your mac right click on the drive(s) and get information about them.

Flirc now has a forum:
Problem sorted thanks, your post gave me the idea of trying to make the Mac show the drives on the desk top, which has made them findable by XBMC. For anyone else struggling with this, just click on the Mac HD, provided you can see the drives there, go to Finder preferences and ensure you have clicked on show connected servers under the general tab. I had to restart the computer to get the networked drives to show, but once that was done, they were findable in XBMC under volumes. And hey presto, it all works
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