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XBMC restarts everytime I try to play a video
This is a tricky one.

I have just upgraded from XBMCLive (Dharma) to XBMCbuntu (11.10 Eden).

After upgrading, I scanned my TV and Movie libraries and everything worked fine. I then played a movie and an episode of the Simpsons just to test, and it all worked brilliantly.

But then I rebooted. And now I have a problem: I cannot play any video files!

When I select any file in the library, I get the normal 'loading' wheel in the bottom right hand corner, and then the screen goes black, with a small white cross in the centre. I assume this means it's crashed, because seconds later I'm back on the main screen in XBMC (so just to be clear, it's XBMC that restarts, not the computer or Linux). I have tried restarting several times, but no joy :-(

I am running on a Netbox 330i, and up until the upgrade to Eden never had a problem like this. I have searched the forum but cannot find a similar issue :-(

Any help, greatly appreciated, as this is definitely not Wife Acceptable!


Debug_log (wiki) would be helpful I think.
Put it on pastebin then link back to it here.

Flirc now has a forum:
Thanks pseudo7 :-)

Debug Log:

Somehow, this fixed it... but now I have a problem with really tinny/echoey sound

XBMC restarts everytime I try to play a video00