Trying to add submenu in Movies from favorites
First of all let me start off by saying I love this skin. But I'm having an issue with adding submenus to the movies main menu. Here's what I'm doing.
I organize my movies into separate categorized folders like boxsets, comedy, war, kids, etc. In MediaBrowser I was able to add categories to the main menu which made accessing a certain genre very easy. Everyone's favorite folder being "New Releases".

Well I saw that your skin had submenus so I got excited. I went into videos and right-clicked the folder containing all Comedies and selected "add to favorites".

I went into the skin settings, menu, movies, favourites 1, and added the comedy folder from my favorites. But when I go to the submenu there is no content. It's a blank window with no thumbnails or text.

Am I doing this wrong? If so, what should I do? Do I need to pick every movie individually? If so this will take ages with the amount of movies I have. Also, why do you only have the option for 3 favorites? Having 5+ submenus would make this skin perfect for me.
known bug, it will be fixed in the next release.

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Thanks pal. I read your FAQ and so I won't ask you when that release is due Smile

P.S. Can we get the option to add more than 3 favorites to the submenu please.
I'm having the exact same problem Smile at least I'm not alone.
I have a similar wish I'd like to add files to the movie submenu so I can loose the video menu item but i can't see files in the list to select, can anyone offer any insight?
tried to go back to an overlie version and still have it
any idea when it will be fixed?
does this happen only under windows?
yes, it's a windows only issue.
it's fixed in the svn version of T!
Do not PM or e-mail Team-Kodi members directly asking for support.
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Ronie... Ok, having some problems getting this feature to work here....

Tortoise SVN returns "At revision: 1323" which is the latest as if this post. I did go into the "guisettings.xml" in the userdata folder, and clear out the leftover incorrect settings before putting the new SVN files in place.

When I go into settings and try to add a favorite, as you can see here is now added:


All goes well up to this point. When however I go to the main menu, and pull the submenu from video, and select "Documentaries" it takes me to a VideoList screen with all blank inofrmation. When I click favorites directly from the main menu, and select "Documentaries" the list of shows populates correctly.

After closing XBMC, and looking at the guisettings.xml file again, I see it is still interrupting the text incorrectly, and putting it in the settings. This is the line that is initially places in the settings:

<setting type="string" name="skin.transparency.Menu_Videos_Sub_Custom6.Path">ActivateWindow(10025,&quot;D:\Dvd\&apos;s For Media Center\\TV Test\\&quot;,return)</setting>

If I edit this line manually, it is "corrected" back to the original every time XBMC opens AND closes, so I would minimize XBMC, remove the double\\'s and save, close XBMC and reload, the \\'s would stay gone, and the code for an apostrophe was re-saved, but this time, the documentaries loaded from the sub menu!

I am not sure what is going on, but "helping to fix the code manually" and relaunching XBMC, seems to trigger some filters for the text, and corrects it so it then works. Just setting the line back to default, opening the skin, and trying to set up a favorite does not work no matter how many times I tried. But. again. "helping" to clean the code, does work for some odd reason.

This is the line that is ended up with finally, and works correctly in the skin to open the favorites from the sub-menu:

PHP Code:
<setting type="string" name="skin.transparency.Menu_Videos_Sub_Custom6.Path">ActivateWindow(10025,D:\!!!!!!!!!!Dvd&apos;For Media Center\TV Test\,return)</setting

I know the directories I have used are a bit strange, This is my desktop test PC
The correct path to the media I am using to test is: D:\!!!!!!!!!!Dvd's For Media Center\TV Test\

Intel Atom Dual core 2.8 Ghz / Windows 8.1 Pro / 4 gigs ram / MCE Remote / 8.5 Tb storage / Nvidia 9400M Gfx chipset / Output 1920 x 1080p via HDMI to a 55" LED TV / just over 3,400 movies

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thanx for the detailed report JohnWPB.

the issue you're having seems to be a different one than what was reported before.

i managed to reproduce it, so i'll look into it.
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JohnWPB, could you test it with this version of script.favourites?

after installing it, remove the favourite from the submenu, then re-add it.

please let me know if it fixes your issue
Do not PM or e-mail Team-Kodi members directly asking for support.
Always read the Forum rules, Kodi online-manual, FAQ, Help and Search the forum before posting.
I am running a Pre-Frodo on Ubunutu version of XBMC with SVN T! and this new script.favourites solved my blank custom home menu item!

Thanks Ronie

Did not report it as it was on the beta but love it when problems solve themselves Smile
Well I added the script you posted and it still doesn't work..... hummmm :S
(2012-06-27, 01:20)kevenz Wrote: Well I added the script you posted and it still doesn't work..... hummmm :S

you're using T! svn as well?
Do not PM or e-mail Team-Kodi members directly asking for support.
Always read the Forum rules, Kodi online-manual, FAQ, Help and Search the forum before posting.
Hello> Maybe I can help, I had the same problem. I'm new to this media on a computer stuff (1 Year) and have been using WMC w/ Media Browser until a few days ago. This XBMC is great.
My movies/videos are on a dedicated hard drive (prob. like most) and I have them all separated.
F:/tvshows And so on
Loading them each into separate folders in Videos, the only one that would work in favorites was movies.I found out why.
My movie folder has multiple sub folders to keep my movies in A-Z order (F:\movies\A\ - F:movies\Z). Example>>
F:movies\A\Ace Ventura -F:movies\A\Avatar----F:movies\Z\Zoolander >etc.
So when I added the movie source folder in Videos, I added one folder at a time: F:/movies\A then F:movies\B threw\ Z.
It works for Favs.

My cartoons for example would not work for favs. (F\:cartoons\). All were in the main folder, F:\cartoons. This is what I did.
Added sub folders as I had in movies A-Z and placed each cartoon show in a folder and it works for Favs.

F:\comedy\all movie titles >will not work

Ace Ventura

This is what part of my sources .xml file looks like.

<default pathversion="1"></default>
<default pathversion="1"></default>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\A\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\B\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\C\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\D\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\E\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\F\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\G\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\H\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\K\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\L\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\M\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\N\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\O\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\P\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\Q\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\R\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\S\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\T\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\U\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\V\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\W\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\Y\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Movies\Z\</path>
<thumbnail pathversion="1">F:\Movies\atthemovies_0.jpg</thumbnail>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Cartoons\F\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Cartoons\S\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Cartoons\R\</path>
<path pathversion="1">F:\Cartoons\P\</path>
<thumbnail pathversion="1">F:\Cartoons\Betty Boop.jpg</thumbnail>

I would also like to see a couple more custom options on the home menu with plugins.

Hope this was helpful

Oh, it seems that the path for favs needs to be a multipass to work with videos. This what my favourites.xml looks like.

<favourite name="Get More...">PlayMedia(&quot;addons://more/video&quotWink</favourite>
<favourite name="Movies" thumb="F:\Movies\atthemovies_0.jpg">ActivateWindow(10025,&quot;multipath://F%3a%5cMovies%5cA%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cB%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cC%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cD%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cE%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cF%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cG%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cH%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cK%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cL%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cM%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cN%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cO%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cP%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cQ%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cR%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cS%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cT%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cU%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cV%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cW%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cY%5c/F%3a%5cMovies%5cZ%5c/&quotWink</favourite>
<favourite name="TV" thumb="F:\TV Shows\Philco_tv123.jpg">ActivateWindow(10025,&quot;multipath://F%3a%5cTV%20Shows%5cB%5c/F%3a%5cTV%20Shows%5cD%5c/F%3a%5cTV%20Shows%5cG%5c/F%3a%5cTV%20Shows%5cH%5c/F%3a%5cTV%20Shows%5cI%5c/F%3a%5cTV%20Shows%5cM%5c/F%3a%5cTV%20Shows%5cS%5c/&quotWink</favourite>
<favourite name="Cartoons">ActivateWindow(10025,&quot;multipath://F%3a%5cCartoons%5cF%5c/F%3a%5cCartoons%5cS%5c/F%3a%5cCartoons%5cR%5c/F%3a%5cCartoons%5cP%5c/&quotWink</favourite>
<favourite name="Gmail Checker" thumb="C:\Users\FRC Tom\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\\icon.png">RunScript(&quot;</favourite>
<favourite name="Hulu TV" thumb="C:\Users\FRC Tom\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\\resources\images\icon_tv.jpg">ActivateWindow(10025,&quot;plugin://\&quot;\&quot;&amp;mode=\&quot;Menu\&quot;&amp;name=\&quot;TV\&quot;&amp;art=\&quot;\&quot;&amp;fanart=\&quot;\&quot;&amp;page=\&quot;1\&quot;&amp;perpage=\&quot;25\&quot;&amp;popular=\&quot;false\&quot;&amp;updatelisting=\&quot;false\&quot;&quotWink</favourite>

Took me a bit to get Hulu to work with favs also so I could put in the mome menu.
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