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[Build BOUGHT] A8-3850 + Lian Li PC-C50B
(2012-05-04, 22:05)bluray Wrote:
(2012-05-04, 21:56)Systemic33 Wrote:
(2012-05-04, 20:50)XtuX Wrote: Cool cool.!
OBS. sometimes make a yellow on lagerstatus because there is a 1-4 day delevering instad of 1-2 days. I ordered all my parts from and the mobo had a yellow status on prisjakt but still recived it all at the sametime 3 days later

Hmm, might be true.

BTW, I've now bought the items that is in the first post now
You'll have a powerful HTPC and you'll enjoy it...! Can you correct your title and first post? It should be A8-3850......

Haha thanks, You're damn fast at responding xD.
I posted that post thinking i'd have time to correct the OP before someone noticed ^^

[Build BOUGHT] A8-3850 + Lian Li PC-C50B00