Playlist functionality too complicated

I'm finding the playlist support too complicated. Is there an add-on that imitates shell add-on behaviour ?
So i can rightclick an item and add it to a playlist and later save that playlist to be used in xbmc?

Or is there and easier way, and more "family friendly" way to create and maintain playlists ?

I mainly would like to mix music and music videos.
uhm, have you even tried the playlist editor?

if that's not what you are after, you can even do what you want. queue shit up, go to now playing, see the shiny save button? guess what it does.
Yes, but iss from withing the gui of xbmc, i don't find it particularly easy to work with if having lots of media.
Managing playlist from a desktop is far speedier. Them u can use all windows shortcuts and keys to find media and add it to the playlist.
Fr example, vlc has an shell addon command that gives u a rightclick option to add it to the vlc playlist, when combined with working in a tool like total commander its easy and fast to add media to a playlist.
you can of course also create your playlist using other means. as long as xbmc can resolve the urls in the playlist, we read pretty much every format under the sun. create the playlist in vlc or whatever, save it, load it up in xbmc. we're not a desktop application so a direct way to do it i don't see happening.
Ok, so it is possible to create a playlist in vlc ?
Is there by any chance a playlist generator tool for XBMC ?

It would be nice to have one, if having loads of media.
But a compliment is in order, i find the latest XBMC a very good release, ty all.
If you like how VLC works, why not just use it as suggested above?
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