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Playing audio with covers displayed

I'm new to this, coming from MediaPortal, using Eden 11.0 with Confluence skin.
I'm looking for a way to play audio, seeing my playlist while having the cover of the current song displayed.
When I use the list view, the selected song doesn't change and so the cover to the right doesn't.
When using fullscreen, the song info disappears after a few seconds, and I don't found any option to avoid this.

Is there a way to display the cover of the current song?
Press "i" during visualisation after it has disappeared...
It should come up again and not vanish

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This isn't able with having the playlist shown? Can I customize the visualisation somehow? Its using only a small area of the screen.
Press "C" for context menu and go to "Now Playing" ...
(2012-05-05, 13:56)butchabay Wrote: Press "C" for context menu and go to "Now Playing" ...

I know that view (that should be the same as pressing SPACE, right?).
But in this view the cover isn't updating to the currently played song.

Playing audio with covers displayed00