GeForce 8400gs enough for 1080p smooth reproduction?
I'm upgrading an old PC (6 years: Pentium D 2.80 GHz, cheap MB with build-in graphic card) to use ir as HTPC.

A GeForce 8400gs would be enough to guarantee 1080p H.264 smooth reproduction with [email protected]Linux?

It can do 24p without judder?

I don't need to send audio via HDMI, SPDIF is enough for me

i dont know about Linux,

but the GeForce 8400gs is definitely a 1080P player!!
(2012-05-04, 22:26)eskro Wrote: i dont know about Linux,

but the GeForce 8400gs is definitely a 1080P player!!

It sould be same for Linux, anyone can confirm?
What about 24p without judder?

Personally I don't think so. I have just replaced my Geforce 9600GS with a 520 GT. I had frame dropping on high bitrate H264 encoded movies. I also noticed a slight stutter every now and then even though XBMC did not detect frame dropping. The motion during panning was just not smooth.

I took a bit of a gamble there when I put in a new GPU, but then a Geforce 520 GT is not that expensive. The result for the time being looks great, tonight I will watch my first full movie on 1080p since I put in the new card last Monday.

The advantage of a new GPU is also that you can bitstream HD audio codecs which is really the future.
Finally I've ordered the 520GT :-)
You have the G98 core. It should be good for most stuff except for certain horizontal resolutions.

"All third generation PureVideo hardware (G98, MCP77, MCP78, MCP79MX, MCP7A) cannot decode H.264 for the following horizontal resolutions: 769–784, 849–864, 929–944, 1009–1024, 1793–1808, 1873–1888, 1953–1968 and 2033–2048 pixel."

so standard 1920x1080p will be fine.

edit: just saw the above post - GT 520 is much better.
Good luck!

Please also read my last comment in this topic I created:

There are other causes but hardware that can lead to judder/stutter or other problems with fluent playback.
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