Linux -  Zotac AD10 Remote Configuration

Am using OpenElec on 1.95.3. Am trying to configure the included MCE Remote included with the Zotac AD10. While most of the keys seem to be working out of the box, there are some functions (actually, just one) that I'd like to map.

For example, am using the Aeon Neon skin. While playing music, I currently have no way to bring up the music player OSD (so that I can retrieve lyrics, etc.).

I have gone through the wikis but they seem very complicated. I understand that I can create a keyboard.xml file on my userdata folder with additional mappings. But I can't figure out which keypress to map (I have the colored buttons on the remote that don't seem to be doing anything useful currently) with which action (for music OSD).

Can anyone help me with the exact entry for this in the keyboard.xml?
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