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I just don't quite understand this application...
(2012-05-05, 22:00)dynamite Wrote: Since I am specifically looking for volume control while playing music, I believe I should also copy the MusicOSD.xml file, right?
Right you are!

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A better question is why are you even using xbmc on a laptop? You already have a trackpad and keyboard right in front of you. It would be easier to just download MPC-HC and open the file with it. XBMC works great with a media center remote in the living room on your big screen tv as others have said. It really isn't as intuitive without a remote in your hand. In your example you can't figure out how to adjust the volume, but if you are sitting on the couch you just hit the volume + button on the remote.
XBMC should clearly declare it is htpc software meant to be used with a remote.

I think it's a bad idea to add mouse support controls to it as you end up in "weird places" when using remote or a keyboard such as focusing close buttons or volume control like this one. It is not always obvious where you are because of this. All in all, to remedy frustration novice may experience trying to use xbmc with a mouse we make it worse for wifes, kids and less experienced users that are trying to navigate xbmc with a remote.

There us just no way to make it work good in "both worlds".
And why are we wasting our time with a user who found out that - and + are used to change volume but still wants to use it as he is used to in vlc?

"I will try it if.." - who cares about his demands.
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@pecinko: Yeah! Lets go eat Ice-cream with sprinkles on it instead. Smile

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@dynamite: If you're using stuff with the mouse, then try a touch friendly skin, such as "Touched" - it's the default on iPad/iPhone for example for just this reason. I'm not completely sure if this is in the repo - take a nosy through the addon manager.

While we try to get the default skin (confluence) to work well using all input devices, for some things we don't always get it right. There's a PR for mad_max's contribution regarding volume, so that particular request may well be remedied (subject to review, ofcourse).

Again: XBMC's interface is defined for a remote control or keyboard input. It's not designed for mouse or touch primarily, though I think most agree that given this, it actually works quite well. Your other example of going fullscreen/not fullscreen is (I'm guessing) not quite as easy as one would hope - we could make the "maximise" function of the windowmanager make it switch to fullscreen, but you can't make it go the other way ofcourse. Any ideas on that? Note that XBMC is designed to be used fullscreen, thus the reason that this is not as nicely done as someone using it as a desktop app would have.

Lastly, thanks to all those who took the time to explain things to dynamite while looking past the negativity in his first post.

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Well said Jonathan.

I hope most things are now more clear to you. I will close this thread now.
If you have any other questions post them in the appropiate section and hopefully they will be adressed.

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i've said it before and i will say it again.

we need to disable mouse support completely. remove it. poof. and poof goes the rat infested posts like these as well. it does not serve us any good (obviously ignoring touch screens).
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I just don't quite understand this application...00