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For those of us who dont have XBMC open all the time.. recommendations?
Hey all,

I got rid of all of my cable boxes.. and unfortunately XBMC isn't able to be a frontend for my HD Homerun Prime(yet Big Grin).. so I need to have WMC open for Live TV. I have a tab in WMC that switches out to XBMC and then gets back to WMC when i'm done with XBMC. the only bad part about this is that xbmc is not always open so it can't access the library when xbmc is not on. my question is, is there some kind of addon that "turns on library watching" while xbmc isn't turned on? i'd love to show off constellation but it makes it kind of hard because my pc is on 247 and in wmc.

otherwise, what recommendations do you have?
Have you tried the advanced launcher app. It can launch WMC and then when you close it, it will return to XBMC.
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For those of us who dont have XBMC open all the time.. recommendations?00