Windows - Best Way to Setup Sites That Stream Shows

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New to XBMC - Just installed on an AMD e350 Nettop.
Working great.

I know I can use this for downloaded/ripped movies and TV - Easy.
Photos - No problem.
Music - Yep it can do that too!

I am trying to figure out a way to launch a browser (Chrome) into sites that have shows setup to stream...

Example: The History Channel has the show American Restoration.
How can I easily jump to the full episodes page to watch an episode - finish and jump back to XBMC?

If you watch a lot of online shows....what is the best setup to accomplish that...and make it easy to use for wife/kids?

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I don't know if the show or even the channel is available there, but maybe the Hulu desktop will work for you.
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You could try this
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