multi zone setup from xbmc htpc to receiver hdmi and optical?
Been searching an answer in trying to get multi-zone working from xbmc htpc to the devon avr receiver. So i have ASRock H67M-ITX with XBMC (eden - final - windows 7), connected to the Denon AVR receiver using HDMI (i also have the optical connected, as well). There is main zone with 9.x speaker setup and there is zone 2 which are speakers around the house (i also have a pre amplifier and speaker selector in between this).

The problem is that Zone 2 is not working either from hdmi or optical. It does work from dvd player using optical connection but no hdmi; but from xbmc either optical nor the hdmi is working (i'm sure hdmi won't work); but how do i get multi zone to work from xbmc. I heard there is easy solution about connecting pre out to the zone 2 in or something in that terms; not sure how that work, can anyone guide me or guide me a good solution for this. thanks (oh and the receiver i have is devon 5308ci)
Sounds like the Dual Audio patch might help with what you are trying to achieve...

Checkout the following thread...

[PATCH] Dual Audio Output support for XBMC (Eden Updated)
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multi zone setup from xbmc htpc to receiver hdmi and optical?00