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Dev wanted
Not sure if I am allowed to post this question here. I am looking to hire a python dev who is interested of developing an add-on for XBMC. The add-on should create an interface between an homeautomation system and XBMC. I was thinking of having a pop screen in XBMC where you could control your lights etc. in the house.
Please write me for details.
What home automation system? I've been looking into OpenAMI and considering going with it for my HA system. Of course I couldn't live without xbmc integration lol

Well the system is a simple and cost efficient brand from the Czech republic. It has all the important actors to control your home and the programming is done based on a PLC. I am actually a programmer from the PLC field and the software is up and running what I would like is to integrate the Interface into XBMC so as to have one control application( Media & Home control). Right now I am switching applications on my IPad to control XBMC and then back to control my HA but this solution is not very elegant and also does not offer me any signal exchange with XBMC.

So if any Python Programmer is interested please do let me know, about the budget for this project we can talk as soon as we see the work involved to achieve the target.

What type of communication format is there between the XBMC and the HA system?
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Hi giftie,

There are 3 possibilities of communication.
- Via RS232 ( I would not prefer this communication)
- Via TCP/IP connecting to the PLC and using Function Blocks from the internal ComLib library with SendTo and RecvFrom functions.
- Via TCP/IP connecting to the PLC but using the top layer direct communication via the EPSNET Protocol.
Model information would be really helpful.

I am sorry...I tought i wasn´t allowed to post any products here... You right tough some more info would help Smile) here is a PDF Link.

Here are some Info about the PLC( The one we are using is the Foxtrot CP1014)

And here are some Info about the EPSNET protocol. (starting from page 146)

Hope this helps...
Well, I've seen worse. Looks like everything can be done by UDP datagrams. The biggest roadblock would be the need for physical access to the hardware. Building UDP packets is easy enough, but testing communication can be a pain
Here's tow of the easiest ways I can think of...

If you use Windows take a look at EventGhost... it has plugins that might already do what you want so the flow would go:
XBMC Python Script for EventGhost --> EventGhost -- > your HA system

I think the easiest, and smartest, would be to integrate them at the control point. Building a system inside of XBMC for this one point solution does not seem like an easy thing to support as XBMC changes - and your HA system changes.
There are a few apps that already control XBMC and can also be setup to send commands to your HA system... on the iPad. Hopefully your HA system can received HTTP commands (most can, if yours cannot, you might want to consider a different HA system)

best of luck.
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
No need to involve EventGhost, that needlessly ties things to Windows. According to the datasheets linked above, the thing can be controlled over the LAN with UDP packets. Now it's down to building a python script send those commands. Xbmc is just a gui at this point
Hi Bstrdsmkr,

Yes that´s what I had in mind… to have XBMC just as the GUI and the script is doing the whole communication and controlling part.
So if there is some changes on XBMC or the HA system you could maybe just adopt the py.script later accordingly.

I have an Ipad Applications like Iridium already controlling the HA system and for XBMC the constellation app. One of the issues with that is that you have to keep switching between apps if you want to dim the lights when you are watching a movie for example. The other thing is you don't really have any status of any of those systems….like lights are dimmed…movie is playing…movie is stopped…lights are full on etc.

I don't want to create a full HA control GUI on XBMC this would overkill the idea, but the basics like Lights, Blinds and some Handshake signal would be perfect.

It might sound like a niche project but I think based on the way you integrate this product it could open up a wide range of application possibilities.
I believe that the TV is becoming anyway the new central control piece of equipment in the house, away from expensive wall screens, keypads and small touch panels. (Of course nowadays additionally supported by the more and more existing smart-phones/tablets in your home)

So why not giving XBMC some extra shoes? so it can run with the possible future development in this area.

Anyhow if anybody is interested on developing this project please do let me know.


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