I followed the directions and i have the launcher icon on the menu, but I cannot get on my network. I did install the crystal HD chip, but I am unable to install the driver.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.
Double check your network connection? (cables, etc)
I have not hooked up a wired connection. I was hoping to set it up via wireless. Is that not possible?
(2012-05-06, 22:15)bdavis2701 Wrote: I have not hooked up a wired connection. I was hoping to set it up via wireless. Is that not possible?

It is, but for your initial set up the ATV1 will need to download some files first.
I have installed xbmc, but I installed the crystal hd and now I am trying to install the drivers with no luck. I have the atv1 connected to the Internet and I am using putty to log in, but when I try to type in the pw no text shows up at all.

Can you Guys help with this?
That's normal. It's just hiding the password so no one can see it. Even though it shows nothing, enter the password and press Enter.
I typed frontrow and I get an access is denied message.

Any ideas?
To comment on your wireless not working; when you installed your CrystalHD card, you probably had to remove your wireless card.
I removed the old wireless card and installed the CrystalHD, but I cannot log into the atv1 and install the drivers due to the fact it says access denied.

I currently am entering the ip of the atv1 and then sshing.

This is getting weird!
Try the pathstick again?
I need to know exactly what to type in once I am in putty, with the ip address of the apple tv. Is it root or [email protected]appletv.local

Sorry, this is becoming harder than I thought.
It should be frontrow. Try using the numerical IP address instead of "appletv.local".
I have tried everything, I guess I will create a another patchstick
So you are saying that you removed the wireless card and did not connect ethernet cable to atv?
I switched wireless cards, now I have it connected via an Ethernet cable,
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