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Linux - Unable to reproduce XBMC HDMI menu sounds in Home Teather
Hi all
With the settings I've made, that you can read here: I've succesfully made menu sounds via HDMI working. My setup is an Sapphire HD2 (geForce ION2) connected to a Denon AVR-2310 HT. The Denon is a 7.1 dolby HT decoder with HDMI switch (5 in 1 out) with bypass feature. This means that if the Denon is tunerd off the HDMI is bypasses to the attached TV.
Now, I've installed XBMC 11.0 on a Ubuntu 11.10 minimal. Everything worked until yesterday, when I found that the menu sounds weren't reproduced by the Denon anymore, BUT they are played fine by the TV if I bypass (turn off) the Denon!
I haven't made any modification to my system, BUT I have enabled the automatic updates. I don't know what "automatic" means in the minimal installation of Ubuntu, but I'm suspecting that some updates broke something. MP3, Youtube, video (both passthrough and decode) audio sitll works PERFECTLY.
It's like that the menu sounds format has been changed and not recognized by the Denon... speaker-test shows the same behaviour
Do you know what should I check?

Does restarting xbmc bring back the sounds?

Unable to reproduce XBMC HDMI menu sounds in Home Teather00