Xperience Continuously re-initializes?
Hi, I just installed openelec 1.95.3 (beta 3), and first i wanted my favorite skin, Xperience!
Installed, everything ok.

All of a sudden it re-initilized and there was red box: "mouse not supported, please disable".
Ok.. well i don't have a mouse, and i thought i have not enabled this setting. I rebooted just to see what happens..

And now when xbmc boots, it loads, and immediately it re-inits (and i see an x (mouse-cursor?) in the centre of my screen).
This keeps on going... i started up my pc and connected to xbmc via samba, and got the guisettings.xml:

Seems ok to me... any suggestions on what i can do to fix this behaviour?
a (low res) video of the behaviour:
Most likely this is not skin problem.
Is this happens only with Xperience More ?. Did you test it with in any other skin except Confluence and Xperience More ?

Also read the Installation Notes in the first post on how to install the skin e.g delete the skin.xperience-more install folder, delete all the entry's about "skin.xperience.More" and "skin.xperience-more" in guisettings.xml (if there are any) and do a install again.

The skin was tested and is working fine with XBMC 11 FInal in Windows, Linux (Ubuntou) and OSX before was pushed to the official repo.

Let me know how it goes and if i can help you in anything else.


Hi, thank you for the reply,

Well... not that you put it... i'm not 100% sure it is a xperience more issue.. but i started (not directly) after i installed the skin

I'll try the suggestions you made soon and let you know. (I'll ask around on openelec forum if this perhaps is a know issue)
Ok, update, with some help i connected via SSH to my openelec box, and renamed the .xbmc folder (which apperently resets openelec and/or xbmc to default).
I've got confluence again, and no more issues. I've save the logfiles openelec or xbmc generates, anyone intrested to these and see if you there is a relation to the skin with this issue?
Yes. Please post xbmc logfile.

Did you test any other skin with no mouse support except Xperience More ??.

You can disable mouse support by unchecking the option in Setings>System>Input Devices> "Enable mouse and Touch Screen support".
Mouse was disabled, i currently have set Xperience more as my skin again, no more issues... so still not sure if it was skin related...
Maybe this helps: The logfile(s):
I updated to openelec 1.99.4 and the issue was gone (came back):
Releasenotes openelec:

One of the most reported issues is specific to XBMC-Eden where XBMC restarts when browsing folders, accessing a library with videos of a specific type or trying to watch these videos directly.

Sounds like the cause
I see. In your XBMC log i saw a crash when xbmc was trying to scan your music library. Do you have the automatic update library's setting enable in your xbmc video & audio settings ?. Maybe when xbmc starts is trying to update and some files are bad or broken. Check your files (video and music) to see if something is wrong there.

In any case like i said before this was not a skin problem.

Yep, i had the the scan on startup. All is good now since beta4 of openelec ;-)
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