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Set home folder path via cmd line
I would like XBMC to be able to be pointed to a custum home path with out having to create a sym links do the default location

and being able to tell it where to go via a start cmd would be the best way

ie) xbmc --homepath-location

I am actually quite surprised I could not find any cmd line arguments for xbmc


does not work with multiple profiles from what I have been able to work out.
unless each and every profile is added in separately

I am wanting to use an absolute network path so every profile can be accessed my multiple pc's on the network
Did you create an advancedsettings.xml in each profile folder?

Don't think this will be added because there will be little support and need for it
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still getting issues even with adding in each and every profile / path

mostly seems to be because masterprofile setting / string is used even when used with another profile

its a real shame

<to>smb://UserTongue[email protected]/XBMC/</to>

does not work ( crashes XBMC Tongue )


for some other unknown reason everytime xbmc loads up it makes all my settings back to default

I create a new profile it modifies the profile.xml file I shutdown xbmc and when I start it again it makes the profile file back as default

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