Demo PVR not showing in PVR client addons.
A bit of a noob question I know. But Im trying to use the demo pvr but is doesnt appear in the PVR client addons. Am I looking in the wrong place or do i need to install something else. Im running the latest Eden PVR build on windows 7.

Thanks in advance and appologies for the cross post.
Not sure what you are trying to. The pvr-demo client is just a skeleton used as a starting point when implementing a new pvr clients.
Yes I realise that. I don't have a tuner card but want to have a play around with channel streams as others have done. The only problem being I can't see the client to enable it and can't find anywhere to get it. I hope that makes sence.
Is the pvr demo client on for linux ? Ive downloaded the latest pvr eden build for windows, from but the xml file in the addon folder shows platform linux ( see below ). Is there a windows version ?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
-<addon provider-name="Pulse-Eight Ltd." name="PVR Demo Client" version="1.0.0" id="pvr.demo"> -<requires> <c-pluff version="0.1"/> </requires> <extension library_linux="XBMC_demo.pvr" point="xbmc.pvrclient"/> -<extension point="xbmc.addon.metadata"> <summary>Pulse-Eight Demo PVR Client</summary> <description>Pulse-Eight Demo PVR Client</description> <disclaimer>Just contains stubs</disclaimer> <platform>linux</platform> </extension> </addon>

Yes, right now, the demo client is only compiled for Linux. Opdenkamp did not have time yet to add it to the Windows solution.
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