Switching back to a previous wraplist using the Esc key ?
I have 2 wraplist's in home, when i select a menu item (in my case music) the 1st wraplist loses focus & sets focus on the 2nd wraplist, which it's meant to do.

But is there a way to set focus again to the 1st wraplist by using the Esc key? at the moment im using a menu item which has "<onclick>Control.SetFocus(301)</onclick>" but it's not very remote friendly.

Any ideas ?

Nope. Assuming the remote sends Back instead of PreviousMenu you could try <onback> - no idea if it'll work or not.
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Thanks Jonathan

Yep <onback> does work.
but it's not ideal because most people will just want to hit the esc key on the remote to go back to the last menu.

<onesc> or <onescape> would be nice.
Make the second wraplist a custom dialog then ESC will work.
Now working perfectly

Thanks Hitcher

Now i've had time to come back to this, I have just 1 problem with getting the background images to show up on the home window when the dialog window with the 2nd wraplist is displayed.

Home.xml has a multiimage control to display the background image of items from wraplist 1 (301) "<imagepath background="true">$INFO[Container(301).ListItem.Icon]</imagepath>" which works great.
Im opening the new dialog window with "<onclick>ActivateWindow(1130)</onclick>". The dialog has wraplist 2 (302) in it & that works fine as well, But using "<imagepath background="true">$INFO[Container(302).ListItem.Icon]</imagepath>" in Home.xml displays no images at all.

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Switching back to a previous wraplist using the Esc key ?00