clear logo read from artist folder?
First of all, thank you for such a killer skin!

I have been organizing my music images to take full advantage of all the great features. I noticed I can keep most of the additional images directly in either the artist or the album folders. However it seems that the option to use clear logos in the skin settings wants me to specify a folder. Is there a way I can just have it look inside the artist folder for the logo.png file, instead of specifying a folder?

I have a very large music collection, so have had to break it up a bit.

I have it structured such as: drive, music, letter of the alphabet the artist starts with, artist, album, ## - trackName.mp3


M:\music\q\Queen\(1977) News of the World (US)\01 - We Will Rock You.mp3

Is there anyway I can point the skin to use either the artist folder or go up one level from the album folder that the song it is playing in is (either way would go end up within the artist folder) ?
Hi hiphutch,

Pretty sure you can just point it at the root folder i.e. in mine I have F:\My Music\Queen\News Of The World\We Will Rock You.mp3 and in my settings it just points to the F:\My Music folder and once scraped or added, the logos show up. Whether having the extra Q folder in yours presents a problem I don't know, but give it a go and find out.

Downloading the logos/cdart can take a while with a big library, but the cdart manager addon is very good.

Hope that helps
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