'Accurate' Movie count in library view?
Not sure if this is skin-specific so....

As a twist on a question I have asked before, is it possible to overwrite the movie count information shown at the top of my movie library shown on top left of image below...
...with the count that is made if I view my movie library in file view?
I know that the count indicates the total number of items that are contained in the view that you are currently looking that, but surely it could be possible to 'import' the count from one view to the other?

Any skilled coders out there fancy a go or could point me in the right direction? Or is it impossible?
I got advice in the windows help section to add "$INFO[Window(Home).Property(Movies.Count)]" to media view 2 in order to provide a fix for the above issue. Anyone know how to do this? I have tried playing around with Viewtype_List2.xml but with no luck so far. Thanks
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'Accurate' Movie count in library view?00