Windows - Video playback stops suddenly

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tryll1980 Offline
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No. Running normally. Only edited the schrtcut with -p at the end for portable mode

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kricker Offline
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You could file a Trac ticket, but without having a sample file for the devs to test with I doubt it will go very far.

Read this before using these builds.
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yusky03 Offline
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I would just like to add that I am also having this problem with a few movies. It also happens with the latest version of Plex. I am currently running I believe it was this nightly 'XBMCSetup-20120617-c675b39-master.exe'

Edit: Here is Debug Log. I deleted all current logs > Opened XBMC > Went to a file in question > Played from beginning > Skipped close to the time when playback stops > Let the video crash and exited XBMC.
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