Add new video player control from script.
Hi All,

Is it possible for a script to add a new video player control option (in addition to the standard play, pause, stop, favourites, etc. buttons)? I ask in relation to another post where I would like to make a script/add-on that would allow tweets *about* what you are watching to pop up as notifications while you are watching.

The best integration, to me, seems a new option on the play controls that would pop up a dialogue, pre-filled with the show name, that lets you search for tweets based on that. Or, you can fill in a specific hashtag instead. From reading the developers guide it was not obvious to me how (or if) this is possible; it appears that scripts/add-ons are either self-contained or are virtual folders.

Or would the core of XBMC have to be modified?

Many thanks for any hints or suggestions,

Not the core, just the skin. The skin would have to add and support such a button. You could however, run a service which detects when a video is playing, then display your window programatically. I'd go for that first to get people into it. Once you have a following of users, it'll be easier to convince skinners to spend their time integrating it into their skin. Then you also have a backup method for users who want a skin that doesn't yet support it.
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