[REQ] Naxos Music Library - scrape & play
I'm dying to be able to stream music from this service. It's similar to Spotify, except they don't have a public API. I've emailed them to request information but never got a reply.

There's a free 15min trial here. You can browse music by Artist / Composer etc lots of cross linking and media info to be scraped.

On the desktop, once the CD album is selected it fires up a flash based streamer although there is also another alternative http player, not sure what sort of stream it outputs in. At the moment then only way I can play the music is to hook laptop to my HiFi amp, but would be good to integrate it as plugin into my XBMC setup.

There may be some sort of API access since there's an Android client which could be decompiled, however prob majorly obfuscated.


Any takers for developing somethign like this... is it easy? Are there other similar plugins that could be used as a template for this kinda functionality?

I'm interested in this and have done a little investigation of the APIs in the past. I use the Android client heavily, though it has some glaring flaws.
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[REQ] Naxos Music Library - scrape & play00