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[XBMCBUNTU] possible to use VNC?
anybody figure out how to get vino-server running as an autostart on xbmcbuntu?

Also would like to know if it is possible to auto start a VNC server on XBMCBuntu.

This because I use Chromium browser (using Advance Launcher) to be able to watch Flash streams.
And when I do this my Harmony remote stops working I need to connect a keyboard and mouse when ever I want to do this.

That is why I want to use Hipporemote.This works trough VNC and makes it possible to use my Ipad as a mouse and keyboard.

I use NXserver for my remote desktop on xbmcbuntu.

Read this thread to last entry, cause download links have chaged.

You will find complete instructions on how to install it and get it up and running.

I found the answer on this page and now have vino-server starting on start.

[XBMCBUNTU] possible to use VNC?00