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New to forum but XBMC user for last 4 years. re-doing movie list one at a time with Eden release. I am a bit confused with the media flags and the wiki and other posts on the forum don't really answer this.

The flag is set from the media info (i.e. not filename but actual media info of the film). If I have a normal DVD that was ripped with handbrake to mkv file with resolution 720 by XXX and DTS passthru audio, what flags should show? On a 2.8Gb rip it is showing me the SD flag (standard def), is this right? I know it isnt a bluray but if the quality is 720p shouldnt that show a 720 flag? Oddly, of all my my DVDs ripped so far (+-15), all ripped the same way with same presets in handbrake (modified high profile preset, loose anamorphic h264 quality 18), 1 of the films shows as 720p the rest all show as SD.

So I guess my questions are:
1) Should it be showing 720p for any of the films if they are from normal DVD source (and what determines SD vs HD vs 720 vs 1080 flags)
2) If so, at what point does it change over? The films I have at 720x432 and 720x576 dont show as 720p, but the one at 720x632 does show as 720p
3) I use ember media manager to scrape the films for me first. I see there is a way to add metadata for the .nfo file in there. Is it capable of detecting the settings itself? Because I am not about to start typing in the codec details of 2000+ DVD titles, that would take forever.

OK, a bit more info to add to this.

A) I got the whole resolution thing mixed up, those files shouldnt show as 720p, but instead as 576p and 480p
B) I had an old version of Ember, so I updated to the new maintained code and it now correctly reads the media information and displays the flags.

However, XBMC (confluence default skin) still does not show the correct flags like 576p, 480p etc. It would appear that it reads the data neither from the media info nor the .nfo file that ember writes out Is this a mistake with the skin or is this an XBMC quirk?

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