Understanding how export works
XBMC noob here.

I just got done reading the XBMC Wiki, and I want to be sure I understand things correctly before I try to export my library.

Right now, my movies and TV shows are all stored in separate folders, but I have a global subtitle folder. My individual folders have poster.jpg and fanart.jpg, but these don't necessarily match what I see in XBMC -- I think this has something to do with skin preferences.

If I export my library, will XBMC move posters and fanart as they're currently set to the individual movie folders? Will it move matching subtitles to the folders? Will it create NFO files within the folders?

Ultimately, I'd like the metadata in the individual folders to match everything as it's currently set in XBMC. Right now, my metadata is scattered in several places.

Any help appreciated.
Yes, XBMC will move the thumb and fanart and nfo of each item into the individual folders if that's what you tell XBMC to do.

It won't move subtitles.

Note that this may or may not be your poster.jpg images, as they are not (and never have been) read by XBMC. If a particular skin is showing those images, then it's doing it on it's own and XBMC knows nothing about it (within reason, ofc). XBMC will create folder.jpg.

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Awesome -- thanks Smile
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