[Windows] [SOLVED] mp3's playback differences with paplayer or dvdplayer.
hi everyone
i have used a zotac zbox nano id-61 with 4gb of ram and an old 80gb hard disk (from 2005) my SO is windows 7 64bit professional to build my new htpc.
here my experience playng mp3:

using as default player paplayer the first song i want to play starts after 20/30 seconds that i pressed play button, and to go from a song to another i have to wait al least 10 seconds, so after that i started to play another song the one i was playng goes on for other 10/15 seconds. after the new song starts.
in music settings i used both crossfade that no crossfade. i have the same issue.

using as default player the dvdplayer i haven't issues, everything runs smooth.

could someone explain me why paplayer works so?
i use the eden version of xbmc but i have the same result using last nightly build.

here my logs:
1st one using paplayer (without advancedsettings.xml): http://pastebin.com/ZUfPDrt6
2nd one using dvdplayer (with advancedsettings.xml): http://pastebin.com/RNEkiek0

thank in advance, if someone needs more info i'm here.
It looks as if PAPlayer is having problems reading the ID3 tags. Try retagging a test track with MP3tag and see if that fixes the delay.
i hadn't this problem with my previous setup..... to write the log i played random mp3, but for each of my thousands mp3 has this issue.
if you want i could post another log using another pc with a copy of same xbmc user folder (i have more than one installation at home).
could you tell me if there are differences (quality, performances ecc....) playng songs with paplayer or dvdplayer.
some news:


solved. i'm using paplayer.....
my zotac has two sounds adapter.
one via hdmi, another through mini-Optical S/PDIF jack.

mp3's playback is not good if i use the HDMI connection but if i use the s/pdif everything is ok, and sound is really better.

the question about differences about paplayer or dvdplayer is yet open.
now i have noticed a thing, in music settings, playback section i can't set the crossfade on. could depend from my sound card?



(2012-05-09, 10:36)jhsrennie Wrote: It looks as if PAPlayer is having problems reading the ID3 tags. Try retagging a test track with MP3tag and see if that fixes the delay.

I jhsrennie after a little bit of time i decided to re-tag all my mp3's archive.
i found a lot of strange symbols inside the tag.
i removed them and now my paplayer works very well.
thankyou for your precious suggestion

i have to add another part to my mp3's sound experience.
after i have re-tagged all my mp3s (for my library not for paplayer playback) my main issue was solved but i had another one.
i experienced hiccough between each songs (in the last seconds and first of each mp3 after half an hour of continuos playback). so i switched back to dvdplayer.

in the meantime, i read eveithing i found on internet about paplayer and xbmc ad after a lot of different settings i finally found one that works for me.

- in system-music i chose hdmi even if my htcp is connected to the receiver through spdif optical cable;
- i have switched off the ability to read mp3's tag;
- i'm using directsound for mp3 and wasapi for passthrough
- disable artistslideshow as visualization background; (added the 27th of february)
- last but not the least i have decreased the system volume to 90% in past it was always at 100%.
with this settings i can use paplayer without inconvenients (i'm crossing my fingers....)

I figured out that when my music library data increase too much paplayer being problematic. so i solved using dvdplayer as audio player.
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