Skins broken downloaded from repos

I wasn't sure exactly where to start this thread, it fits into a number of categories, so I posted here just to be on the safe side, seeing as it is support related.

I have recently downloaded a number of work-in-progress or [GIT] labelled (as in, up to the minute from git) skins from I believe the Passion repository. All of the ones I tried seem to be broken when I apply the skin and it always seems to be the same issue, i.e. the graphics that come with the skin are not applied correctly. Manually downloading the skin (which is not always possible without some work, a lot of skins are only available through repos and of course by manually downloading I lose the auto-update ability) seems to solve the issue, they all work if I download them and apply them myself. I tried this with both the Eden release build as well as a recent nightly on my Win7 box as well as a clean 11.0 install on my Mac. Both exact same results. Is anyone else having similar problems? Is it the repo itself at fault?

Thanks for any help.
The official repository available through XBMC settings offers skins that work with that latest offical release of XBMC, with updates. Once you move off that, you're basically on your own or at least no longer using officially sanctioned add-ons and support is limited to the people and forums involved in specific formulations. (I'm a little unsure about support for Dharma at this point). Different repository's offer support for various configurations e.g. for the XBOX, or add-ons that are out of the box or support older hardware limited versions. So for the most part, your queries should be made to the appropriate skinner, or repository that is offering... As regard to Win7 nightlies.. you're straying into territory few walk, and some of the disclaimers are posted clearly.

So in general... stay true to the recommended, releases and the official repository if support is important.
Yes Passion-repo had issues
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