what is difference between LeftRating and CenterRating?

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Brick  what is difference between LeftRating and CenterRating?
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what is difference between LeftRating and CenterRating?

The confluence skin contains two folder named LeftRating and CenterRating in media folder

It should contain only one folder called Rating , isn't so?
why these two are required?

Thanks for help in advance.
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1. This is a skin specific question and you should ask this in the correct forum.

2. You don't need two folders since the images are the same. But if you wish you could have as many folders as you want...

Edit: Jezz_X explained it, I only did a look at the 5 star image which is the same. Big Grin

[Image: xp1080-21.png]
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They are not required I just choose to use them the difference is the stars graphics are left aligned in one and center aligned in the other and some times the centered ones look better if the text around it is centered

Its just pure personal skin choice
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