[XBMCBUNTU] Remote Control - Am I being stupid?
First impressions of XBMCbuntu are that it installs much easier on my hardware than XBMCLive did, with video and audio working "out of the box" (saving the hours of pain I suffered getting XBMC Live working) - The install screen had writing too small to read, but I don't know how much of that was down to my TV.

The only real problem I have is getting the remote control fully working that came with my AT3IONT-I deluxe motherboard. With XBMC Live I (after a lot of hassle) got it working using the advice at


but if I am reading Eden documentation pages correctly it is all about remote.xml within each user's directory.

* Is this correct (I'd prefer to get a universal setup for all users, but if that isn't possible then I'm happy to go down the per user setting)?

* Am I being stupid? I have looked and looked at documentation about the remote.xml file and I can't find what I need to put in the angle brackets per button or the value in between (e.g. getting special buttons to get the context menu up, getting the home button working and to toggle subtitles and full screen). That is


Help please?


HTPC: Asus AT3IONT-L Deluxe with 4GB of memory and a 60GB SSD.
Running XBMC Live 10.1
Did you check this page? http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Remote_controls
(2012-05-09, 14:43)hojan Wrote: Did you check this page? http://wiki.xbmc.org/index.php?title=Remote_controls

Unfortunately it didn't really help and even when reading other forum threads I just have more questions than answers.

Firstly I am assuming that the AT3ION3-I Deluxe IR remote sends key presses so I need to find which keys are associated with the special buttons when I press them. But I can't find a way to see this: irw throws up a "no such file or directory error" and turning debug on only shows on key events for buttons that are correctly working but nothing for the other buttons I want to fix.

Secondly, as I want the remote to work for all accounts I am assuming that I want to edit the relevant XML file in /user/share/xbmc/system/keymaps, but which one: it is my remote that I am configuring which might suggest remote.xml, but they are essentially key presses being send so should I be editing the keyboard.xml file?

So I am left confused not knowing which file to edit or what entries to put in that file.

Help please?!?
HTPC: Asus AT3IONT-L Deluxe with 4GB of memory and a 60GB SSD.
Running XBMC Live 10.1
What does your lircd.conf look like? Lirc needs to be working correctly for starters.

I found the easiest solution was when I was creating my lircd.conf to just name the buttons to what XBMC preferred.

My lircd.conf:

begin remote

  name  mceusb
  bits           13
  eps            30
  aeps          100

  header       2658   885
  one           434   452
  zero          434   452
  pre_data_bits   24
  pre_data       0x1BFF83
  gap          105938
  min_repeat      3
  toggle_bit_mask 0x8000
  rc6_mask    0x100000000

      begin codes
          Stop                     0x1BE6
          Replay                   0x1BE4
          Skip                     0x1BE5
          Play                     0x1BE9
          Rewind                   0x1BEA
          Forward                  0x1BEB
          Pause                    0x1BE7
          OK                       0x1BDD
          Up                       0x1BE1
          Down                     0x1BE0
          Left                     0x1BDF
          Right                    0x1BDE
          Blue                     0x1BA1
          Yellow                   0x1BA2
          Green                    0x1BA3
          Red                      0x1BA4
          Zero                     0x1BFF
          One                      0x1BFE
          Two                      0x1BFD
          Three                    0x1BFC
          Four                     0x1BFB
          Five                     0x1BFA
          Six                      0x1BF9
          Seven                    0x1BF8
          Eight                    0x1BF7
          Nine                     0x1BF6
          More                     0x1BF0
          Menu                     0x1BDB
          Back                     0x1BDC
          Display                  0x1BD9
          ChanUp                   0x1BED
          ChanDown                 0x1BEC
      end codes

end remote

If you notice the button names match what is in Lircmap.xml (just a portion of it below) as does the device name:

        <remote device="mceusb">
I finally got all the buttons working by _properly_ following the instructions I mentioned above at


This seems to be due to some peculiarity with the remote/IR sensor that came with this motherboard, more details of which can be read about at


I don't fully understand why such a palaver is needed to get it working: is this something that can be rolled into a future update of Eden perhaps (like it has been with openelec)?

HTPC: Asus AT3IONT-L Deluxe with 4GB of memory and a 60GB SSD.
Running XBMC Live 10.1
I am posting my problems in this thread because I think the topic describes it just perfect. Confused

I installed XBMCbuntu on my bedroom Zotac box (AMD Fusion). Luckily the Zotac remote works out-of-the-box. Unfortunately some needed buttons don't seem to work like e.g. TITLE or SUSPEND. After installing inputlirc and running irw I found out that some missing buttons are at least recognized by Lirc. So in my understanding I had to create a lircmap.xml and map the missing commands:

    <remote device="/dev/input/mceusb">

This is the remote.xml that I copied:



So what am I missing? I guess the device name "mceusb" might be wrong. I guess using event2 from irw as the device name is either wrong. I've read that I may have to look up the device name in my lircd.conf, but the file is empty.
OK, after trying around the whole day, it finally seems to work out.

I created a SymLink at /etc/udev/rules.d/10-local.rules to map any event with the IR's vendor ID to a virtual device named "irremote":


After restarting the command

ls -l /dev/input

showed me, that the remote events were properly mapped. Unfortunately the missing buttons still didn't work. After a lot of reading, trying and swearing I finally realized that I have made 2 stupid mistakes: I have placed Lircmap.xml in /.xbmc/userdata/keymaps/ instead of just /.xbmc/userdata/ and I named it lircmap.xml without the capital letter.

Finally, I am able to use the Title and Suspend buttons properly.
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