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Add-on pages look bad.
In my skin, some Add-on specific pages look so bad(font wise) and page contents are scattered.
How can I solve the issue?

Probably I need to tell xbmc some how to use specific font by default(may be wrong) !!
If so how?

For example when I click on "Edit" below "Show RSS news feeds" radio button in "Appearance Settings -> Skin"
I get a window whose xml file is

The window looks good in other skins but bad in my skin.

Also the window looks very native to the currently selected skin, as it were integral part of the skin.
I don't understand how is it possible, perhaps I am missing something... but I don't know what
Please help.

Thank you.
Copy script-RSS_Editor-rssEditor.xml to your skin's relevant XML folder and edit it to suit your skin.
1. Do I also need to do same for "script-RSS_Editor-setEditor.xml" ?
2. And after doing that it will be opening from my folder?

1. If you want it to look different, then yes.
2. Yes.
Thank You.

Add-on pages look bad.00