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Windows - Problem viewing most videos after updating media player addon
Hi there, First time here and hello.

Having a wee problem with my great atv2 at the mo.

i've jailbroken it and have installed navi-x.

however, i also installed the media player update.

now anytime i select any video in general, it says loading then buffering and then times out with no error.

is there any way to revert the atv2 to before or else correct this problem please?
any update guru's?
Hey take a look at this it may work for you go there and read follow all the inst.

What media player update are you referring to?

Please post log files so we can have an idea of what's going on.

Here's how:
thanks guys.
i 'll try both suggestions when i get back after work
i upgraded firecore from 1.4 to 1.5
A apple a day keeps steve jobs away!

Problem viewing most videos after updating media player addon31