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[RELEASE] Educational Videos
I wanted a plugin for for a while. I finally got around to it.

693 events, 9765 authors, 12738 lectures, 14983 videos

It has Category Browsing and Search. Let me know if you have any problems


I think I am going to add a featured list from their homepage feed.

I am also going to add subtitle support those the videos that have it.

The browse videos has a lot of filtering options so I could do some interesting browsing options with that. Check out the site and let me know if there is a certain way of filtering that is useful to you. I plan to do Language filtering options in the settings and a Setting for default sort order of videos when browsing.

Install it from my repo
and where can we download it? official repo?
sorry I forgot to add that.

Here is the zip file for my repo.
Nice plugin.
great site, great addon! Thanks!
Subtitles would be very good. I'll wait for that!
I committed an update for subtitle support. It is only a limited number of videos though.

the Slovenian Gains of Knowledge is an example series of that has complete english subtitles.
it works. Thanks! let's get wiser! :-)
Hey I'm having an issue of not being able to see the video only hear the audio for every video I am using openelec on a raspberry pi, any ideas?

[RELEASE] Educational Videos00