XBMC on the Acer Revo RL 100. Much hassle, no network
The Acer Revo RL 100 is a dedicated multimedia-PC and it has only HDMI video and audio output. I bought it with the aim was to install XBMC and use it as network player and CD/DVD player in my home theater system. It also has a flash-card slot and 3 USB slots. It came with win7 which I never used.

I tried openELEC, but could not get the network working. It has the Ralink RT3090 for the wireless. I ended up installing pinguy mini (a ubuntu derivate) because I used that on my laptop, and installed XBMC in pinguy. This worked, but was not perfect, so when ubuntu 12.04 came about, I decided to reinstall. I wanted to streamline, eliminate the grub splash, fix shutdown issue.

First try was xbmcbuntu. Almost impossible to install due to small and unreadable desktop font. After some tinkering, i was able to install (with difficulties) only to see that the wireless did not work and the ubuntu desktop font was minuscule so I could not read and correct anything. Googled and tried a lot of suggestions, but nothing worked.

Next was ubuntu 12.04 mini (I like the new unity desktop). It installed nicely, but no network. Tried more suggestions, but could not get it working.

Third try: full ubuntu 12.04 (ubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd64). Same as the mini variant, no network.

4.th try (after two weeks): reinstalled pinguy 11.04 mini with XBMC. Now the network is working and the desktop fonts are correct, but I am still trying to fix the shutdown issue, the age-old cifs shutdown bug. Apart from that minor issue it seems to work perfectly: usb-slots, flash-cards, wireless touchpad/keyboard.

The small font issue makes the xbmcbuntu install process unnecessary difficult. It prevents use of the ubuntu system, at least I was not able to correct it. I used two different TV screens. The Ralink adapter is rather common in a lot of laptops. People who want to try xbmcbuntu and experience such problems will be driven away from it and won't get that pleasure of a great working home theater system. The most important thing for newbies is that things work. It should be fixed as soon as possible!
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XBMC on the Acer Revo RL 100. Much hassle, no network00